Sunday, July 21, 2013

My kind of day

It wasn't your regular sunday for me... Good happy vibes :)

Today I went to meet my model, the Jessica Yang for our fitting for the show on thursday.... 

It was really fun because it was my first time to hang out with her that long... She's just sooo amazingly adorable... And beautiful inside out....

We met in Starbucks, and immediately.. Upon entering the coffee shop.. My aura changed... i felt light and worry free... Maybe its the ambience or the drinks ( i'd like to write down coffee, but since I don't drink coffee... Hahaha) 

Uhhhmmm i must have deleted the original photo so I print screened the ig photo instead hahha ;))

Her dress was a perfect fit, just minor alterations on the hem... One side's too long... Other than that, I got her size just right... ;)) its also a bonus that she loves the look as well ;)) 

To magnify the kind of good vibe i have been having this morning and probably the reason why this day is great is because I was feeling the complete opposite last night.... before I went to sleep...

I was questioning God's will for me... And when I woke up.. Since I know I couldn't go to any service, I went searching on the web... And keyed in "what does God want me to do"--- i clicked a few sites... And there was one I stuck to because the site was not text heavy and because there was an HD video of the service (all compressed and summarized in 3:28 --- my birthdate--- no less, destiny? Perhaps...) 

now silly me, i forgot the site name or the pastors name who gave that service--- surveying through my web history didn't help either... So anyway he talked about how our focus should not be on what Gods will is... But rather to find God's will, we must find God's ways first....

We shouldn't ask-- when, where and what---

Instead we should ask the why, how and who --- 

I had to watch and find the video again and I promise to find the link so I could share them  

Till next entry loves!! ;)

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