Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to make paper owls


Paper owls

Materials needed:
- glue gun
-glue stick
- scissors
- glue
- colored corrugated paper
-bond paper
- markers of different colors

1) cut corrugated paper into desired height of owl
2) using your glue gun, stick until both ends meet, making it look like the paper core of the toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls-- this will become the owl body
3) fold the top part towards each other forming a U shape 
4) using the bond paper and colored markers:  design eyes--- its always best to keep the owls eyes different, like one eye can be closed and the other eyes bejeweled

5) you can illustrate the beak or sketch them with the eyes like so.. :)

6) cut the eyes and beak and stick them to the owl body
7) embellish the owl body as desired