Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween outfit - November 1, 2011

Baby Girls' Halloween Day Out

Me and my brother was late for looking for a Trick or Treat event that the baby girl could
attend, finally I stumbled across the Bonifacio High Street's Once Upon a Halloween promo mechanics..

And Boom! we were in - - when I was dressing the baby girl up, she refuses to wear her tutu skirt - - she's apparently afraid of it, she kept on crying and asking me to carry her, I seriously dunno why, too bad I'm making and selling those hahaha :))

but later on, we did manage to slip her in the skirt.. I was also the driver of the day - - surprise surprise...

When we got to high street, the event had already started, we we're late (a good hours late - But its not because of my driving - - it's because my brother was just sooo slow - - prepping himself up i guess...

so just before going down the car, I asked the baby girl if would like to wear my "handy dandy-HEADBAND". I had since 2004, imagine that.. I remember buying it in Thailand and I never did let it out of my sight, year after year after year I just wear it every time I want to perk up my soul hahaha :))

so since we were late... she just played in Time zone, where I think she did have a blast

(hello there mini snow white! - - baka na-late din sila :D)

.......then we ate at TGIfriday's,

I absolutely love the servers' costumes.. I saw Capt. Jack Sparrow, the MadHatter, Alice in Wonderland, Minnie Mouse, some fairies, sleeping beauty, Cat in the hat and I really absolutely looovvveeedddd the Giselle from Disney's Enchanted (unfortunately I wasn't to get a picture with her :( ) just to prove to you how they really put their hearts into the Halloween thing.. let me post this...

Outfit 10/31/2011 Recreated

Outfit 10/31/2011 Recreated

Lanvin flat leather sandals
£240 -

Longchamp nylon tote
$125 -

Kenneth Jay Lane flower jewelry
€90 -

so I researched an outfit in my virtual closet and translated it into this, my outfit while doing some groceries today :D


so I just finished my articles for my sideline this morning, I never thought I'd finish them on time but I did...

kudos to me! - -

Jaips is on his way home.. from his "vacation" - - sooo daya.. I wanted to come.. but I thought I was sick... and so naturally, I had to stay home.. nobody knows what I had, for God's sakes I dont even know what I had! :P


from the time Jaips left, i've been feeling a bit tad lonely, so I went looking for friends who might want to go out and accompany me to whatever I felt like doing... ENTER Jama and Julia

ang dugyot ko lang noh? - - results of the stress i've been experiencing lately..

we had dinner at Gayuma ni Maria in Maginhawa extension, a little treat for us this Trick or Treat season.. :D

It was a really fun - - I miss them, we used to hang out and just goof off everyday.. I sure do hope there's another session like this again

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Happiness is seeing your hard work down the runway.. (heart!)

Im this case its national tv! Ynna wears one of my grad collections.. what a blessing! blessing indeed!

Happiness is when you see that your idea or concept is now one of the top It list of the coming season (Spring Summer 2012) - based on vogue's article (yeah it is pretty much global) I can't hardly wait..

I felt inspired to make more! :D

my sincerest gratitude to Mikee Andrei for this :D love yah marst!!

My prince

and so I came across this quote in Facebook in the afternoon i was just scanning through, I decidedly reposted it and tagged my bf, which was true BTW, he really treats and even calls me "princess" - unlike other significant others' pet names like: baby, babe, hunny we wanted to be well.. creative.. so it became "prince and princess" until haha you guessed it became a mouthful.. and we settled for "mahal" but it's ok... we still acknowledge that we are each others prince and princess... :D

the label of "prince and princess" for us didnt just spring over night though, there were a lot of history between us... we tagged ourselves as that even when we were still in college.. and that was a good 6-7 years back... ours was a cute love story, and I will indulge you with that whenever I dont feel lazy typing XD sorry about that hahaha :))

the attitude of gratitude

I've been a lazy shutterbug lately that I rarely take photos of these random heart shaped things well because I'm lazy to take out my camera...

and right now, I'm feeling a bit wanting to write about certain things like:

1) how I'd like to thank Z.S. Bernardo- Reyes - My school batchmate.. and how I feel like writing down my thoughts once again...

2) which brings me to my title: the attitude of gratitude... I realize that in order for any human being to be successful in anything they want to achieve in life they must be happy and content...

and they will be happy and content if they are grateful for all the blessings they receive, so whether or not you believe in God.. just by being grateful that you have a bed that you sleep on or ample lights in your room... jotting them down makes you appreciate everything.. and I will try to do that too.. jotting them down no matter how big or small they may be...

3) how i'd like to embrace every moment of my life and try to smile every chance I get...

4) believing that God will never put you to harm, as long as you are not stepping on other people, as long as you believe in them.. they, along side you, will prosper...

I'd like to believe that God placed me in this awesome world to help out people, by giving them jobs.. as long as you have good faith and trust in these people, they will also help you out. I love to help out people who love to help themselves too. I don't think spoon feeding them what they need will help them. Which is also why I believe that hardwork and education should come hand in hand...

~~~ I suddenly ran out of thoughts hahaha :)) hopefully this blog entry would give birth to more posts in the near future... sorry for the "bitin-ness" of this entry.. writers block I guess.. but I sure do hope this springs out well... :D

_ I want to hear what you think about these thoughts of mine... hehehe :D