Monday, July 15, 2013

Just your normAL saturday... Or is it?

Last saturday, decided to wear my new kicks... Actually decided to wear something no one imagined i can wear... Tita je-c, friend and co-teacher at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, even told me "iba ang peg ko today,".... 


Just wanted to try something different... They say that... it appears as if I have channelled my inner "korean" style.. 

And decided to do an OOTD pose with my loves... Rxandy Capinpin and Ryuji Shiomitsu

Let me know if you love it? ;)

Alongside the get up... And I actually don't know if I timed it well.. Haha! 

I admit succumbing to peer pressure by launching my site prematurely... I know i haven't uploaded all of my photos just yet... But the lookbook is up... 

Do visit It's very me!! ;)) 

my friends, husband and wife tandem, Jamie and Ben Bermudez of inkelephant is responsible for all its prettyness and "me"ness... Do let me know if you might need website creating, logo creating services... They're the perfect team to do the job... ;))

Thanks to ipads print screen method for this uhmmmm amateur photo hahaha ;))

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