Saturday, January 14, 2012

Halil's Birthday

My heart skipped a beat

quite literally I dont know why or should there be any reason to have my heart skip a beat with this song...

Will You Wait For Me by Kavana

I need to talk with you again
Why did you go away?
All our time together still feels like yesterday...

I never thought I'd see
A single day without you
The things we take for granted
We can sometimes lose...

And if I promise not to feel this pain
Will I see you again? Will I see you again?

Coz time will pass me by
Maybe I'll never learn to smile
But I know I'll make it through,
If you wait for me...

And all the tears I cry,
No matter how I try,
They'll never bring you home to me
Won't you wait for me in heaven?

Do you remember how it was?
When we never seemed to care,
The days went by so quickly,
Coz I thought you'd always be there...

And it's hard to let you go,
Though I know that I must try,
I feel like I've been cheated,
Coz we never said goodbye...

And if I promise not to feel this pain,
Will I see you again? Will I see you again?

(repeat chorus)

Coz I miss you so, and I need to know...
Will you wait for me?

(repeat chorus)

And time will pass me by,
Maybe I'll never learn to smile,
But I know I'll make it through
if you wait for me... 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

running colorfully

who says you can't run fashionably and colorfully... 

and yes.. i have decided to start running again, not just because I need to lose weight and fit the clothes I have been making but because I really want to be health conscious already.. 

it first started with using natural products, next would be exercising, 

then perhaps, next would be eating right... no more bad dieting... just the right amount of nutrients and i believe eating right can make a person operate well...
ANY THOUGHTS? :D sure would love to hear from you.. :D

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love shades

I love accessories.. but not until now have I found my new love for the accessory they call the sunglasses...

I always consider sunglasses as a mere accessory that is primarily functional.. which is why I rarely use it.. I even forget to bring it most of the time... and the rare case I bring a pair with me is when to my dismay it suddenly rains... not until I discovered the Heart shaped glasses

It was an old trend way back and there came a time fancy glasses such as these are a hit in photobooth events and never really worn in the streets.. and well now.. I plan to change that.. I will be wearing them over and over and over again...

Aside from the fact that I love hearts sooo much the glasses just screams my personality out hahaha :))

Sunday, January 1, 2012