Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My prince

and so I came across this quote in Facebook in the afternoon i was just scanning through, I decidedly reposted it and tagged my bf, which was true BTW, he really treats and even calls me "princess" - unlike other significant others' pet names like: baby, babe, hunny we wanted to be well.. creative.. so it became "prince and princess" until haha you guessed it became a mouthful.. and we settled for "mahal" but it's ok... we still acknowledge that we are each others prince and princess... :D

the label of "prince and princess" for us didnt just spring over night though, there were a lot of history between us... we tagged ourselves as that even when we were still in college.. and that was a good 6-7 years back... ours was a cute love story, and I will indulge you with that whenever I dont feel lazy typing XD sorry about that hahaha :))

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