Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Girls' Halloween Day Out

Me and my brother was late for looking for a Trick or Treat event that the baby girl could
attend, finally I stumbled across the Bonifacio High Street's Once Upon a Halloween promo mechanics..

And Boom! we were in - - when I was dressing the baby girl up, she refuses to wear her tutu skirt - - she's apparently afraid of it, she kept on crying and asking me to carry her, I seriously dunno why, too bad I'm making and selling those hahaha :))

but later on, we did manage to slip her in the skirt.. I was also the driver of the day - - surprise surprise...

When we got to high street, the event had already started, we we're late (a good hours late - But its not because of my driving - - it's because my brother was just sooo slow - - prepping himself up i guess...

so just before going down the car, I asked the baby girl if would like to wear my "handy dandy-HEADBAND". I had since 2004, imagine that.. I remember buying it in Thailand and I never did let it out of my sight, year after year after year I just wear it every time I want to perk up my soul hahaha :))

so since we were late... she just played in Time zone, where I think she did have a blast

(hello there mini snow white! - - baka na-late din sila :D)

.......then we ate at TGIfriday's,

I absolutely love the servers' costumes.. I saw Capt. Jack Sparrow, the MadHatter, Alice in Wonderland, Minnie Mouse, some fairies, sleeping beauty, Cat in the hat and I really absolutely looovvveeedddd the Giselle from Disney's Enchanted (unfortunately I wasn't to get a picture with her :( ) just to prove to you how they really put their hearts into the Halloween thing.. let me post this...

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