Monday, October 31, 2011


so I just finished my articles for my sideline this morning, I never thought I'd finish them on time but I did...

kudos to me! - -

Jaips is on his way home.. from his "vacation" - - sooo daya.. I wanted to come.. but I thought I was sick... and so naturally, I had to stay home.. nobody knows what I had, for God's sakes I dont even know what I had! :P


from the time Jaips left, i've been feeling a bit tad lonely, so I went looking for friends who might want to go out and accompany me to whatever I felt like doing... ENTER Jama and Julia

ang dugyot ko lang noh? - - results of the stress i've been experiencing lately..

we had dinner at Gayuma ni Maria in Maginhawa extension, a little treat for us this Trick or Treat season.. :D

It was a really fun - - I miss them, we used to hang out and just goof off everyday.. I sure do hope there's another session like this again

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