Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The One Where She Can't Get Her Smile Off Her Face

I have been longing to have this bag..

since its Barbie.. HELL YEAH ITS BARBIE!!!!

 and Barbie and I are like this (yeah! imagine me doing the sign ... AWESOME!) I know i must have it! 

I asked Tita Sheila to buy it for in Japan - -  IT IS 500% ORIGINAL...  (its even more expensive than my original Lonchamp Le Pliage's) 

and if I am not mistaken... I am the first one to have it here in the Philippines, as it is sold out in Japan already...

once they laid eyes upon it, tita's officemates are wanting to buy it from her for a higher price.. SORRRRYYYYY.. it's already mine!!! HAHAHA

which explains why I couldn't take off the smile off my face.. I'm just soooo happyYyyyyy!!! :D (OBVIOUSLY)

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