Monday, November 7, 2011

Marikina's Finest

Nov. 6 2011

After overnighting in the hospital to oversee my dad, which BTW is very chilly.. I went home straight and found myself sleeping for the hours lacked thereof, I slept from 2:30pm to 6:30pm and whoever was entering my room, I couldn't care less because I was so dead tired and sleepy..

the moment I woke up, I called Jaips already so that I would know what our schedule would be.. and he said we're going to a christmas light opening ceremony.. and we did, 

this is the house :D 

featured yearly in the news, the house used over 3,000,000 LED lights to brighten up our christmas spirits.. the house is brimming with christmas decors inside and out.. truly a site a see..

It is actually a yearly spectacle for Marikina locales and I got to experience it myself.. :D

among the invited guests were the family and friends of the houses' owner and Marikina's Finest Men: The Mayor, Vice Mayor and the 2nd district Congressman... and I never let it slip away, of course hahaha :))

as everyone was leaving.. I asked the three if i could have a picture taken with them, as it is a rare opportunity.. and they kindly agreed...

and not just that.. hehehe some fun side of them too :D enjoy!

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