Monday, November 7, 2011

A Daily Dose of Happy

Its good to be back in the loop.. I missed the people in FIP the warm smiles, the laughs.. although I really had to leave early coz Dad is still in the hospital, I managed to keep on track of my schedule well.. 

what made me happy today is that lately i am a huge POLYVORE fan.. I turn it into my virtual closet.. 

its very handy! like i take the clothes in the site to mix and match and check my actual closet if I have those or some alternative to it thats near.. Atleast I exercise my styling skills

Yesterday as I was surfing for shades for my A walk in the Park segment... I was really enthusiastic about the whimsical Prada shades from S/S 2011... but it didn't match my outfit choice for that blog but I still liked it...


AND LO AND BEHOLD.... as my usual pangugulo with other classes... i saw this on the pile of Ryuji Shiomitsu's  things, as he was discussing...


and so I just had fun playing with the glasses..  hehehehe so here's me playing with them hehehe (Ryuji knows ok?) I did ask for permission to wear them :D just a daily dose of happy before i acomplish my schedule for the day :D

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